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Is your Company safe from Expense fiddlers?

It has not been very long since the public fury over the scandal involving several MP’s and their expenses. Therefore, one would assume nobody would risk the potential fallout from submitting expenses for personal items or mileage they have not incurred in the proper performance of their duties?
Sadly it appears that many employees, given the opportunity, may still see fit to embellish their expenses. Based on our calculations up to a quarter of expenses are ‘fiddled’ and as such fraudulent. A significant number of claims submitted are a result of human error as opposed to a deliberate attempt to defraud the Company. Though employees may be ‘sloppy’ with their claims if they are confident nobody is really checking what they submit this enhances the risk of additional items or miles being added here or there.
71% of people in a recent survey felt it was acceptable to inflate expense claims if their employers did not fully reimburse them for the costs they had incurred.  In this same survey 68% of people also thought it was acceptable if employees did a certain amount of overtime and were not paid for it.  And finally 24% felt it fair if they were not paid what they considered to be a fair wage.
So what can Employers do?
  • Make certain everyone understands the policy and processes in place in respect of expenses.
  • Ensure employees know what they are allowed, and not allowed, to claim.
  • Have the right people in place to scrutinise all employee expense claims to guarantee they are correct.
  • Make certain that cross checking all expenses are carried out before final approval.
  • Finally check the claims submitted by the individual who authorises everyone else’s expenses to ensure that they too are beyond reproach under scrutiny.
If you believe you may have an issue with fraudulent expense claims, Harries HR can provide confidential and sound advice on how to manage this correctly from an employment law perspective. 
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