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Money doesn’t grow on trees

“Money doesn’t grow on trees, you need to go out and get a job” are words I’m sure my fellow teenagers can say they’ve heard more than once when complaining about needing money. Although for those of us that are ambitious enough to want to work, it’s not easy. The elusive ‘summer job’ is incredibly difficult to secure and schools need to do more to prepare us for the real world. I’ll be honest, I’m blessed to have a mother that works in human resources however, it shouldn’t have been up to her to teach me how to write a basic CV.

Holiday Hell

A client of mine has recently suffered the consequences of poor holiday management processes. Often my clients have too many employees off or requesting leave at the same time as a major bugbear, particularly during the summer months. These issues are relatively easy to manage by ensuring holiday leave policies are robust and time bound and outline fully any mandatory shutdown periods or peak time clauses restricting holiday.

But what happens when employees refuse to take their annual leave?  As a contractual clause I often encourage my clients stipulate that holidays not used in the year it is accrued cannot be taken forward and therefore they will lose their holiday entitlement; if there are no extenuating circumstances such as long term ill health problems.

The Modern Business Woman

I had the great pleasure of meeting the most incredible business woman this week. Ellie Goff the Owner/Director of Butterfly Lodge Education also known at Wellies On is the embodiment of today’s women in business.  

After a successful teaching career Ellie brought her dream into reality when Butterfly Lodge a 40 acre care farm based in Abberton opened its doors. Their qualified teachers combined with Occupational Therapists provide a therapeutic and educational approach to learning. The farms service users have the opportunity to get involved with worthwhile, meaningful activities which stimulate the mind and keep the body active as well as leading to recognised qualifications.

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